As a feature of the Nuit Blanche 2013, the university and professional chapters of Engineers Without Borders Canada in Montreal invite you to their night of video screening and discussions. Anyone interested in learning more about the key challenges our growing society is facing in all areas including human development, environment, economy and politics is most welcome.

About Engineers Without Borders Canada

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Canada consists in a non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) made up of 28 university chapters and 8 professional chapters spread throughout the country. The organization focuses on the impact and change its members have the power to create, whether on a local, national or international scale.

EWB’s national office is seated in Toronto and links the 35 000 leaders in human development that compose the organization’s network. The role of the national office isn’t to dictate the course of action of the EWB chapters but rather to encourage them to lead change by innovating and finding new creative projects that are appropriate for their context. This mentality catalyses the chapter teams into action, allowing them to participate in human development right here in Canada. Taking part in Montreal’s Nuit Blanche for the last five years is one of the many ways the Montreal chapters have found to engage their community towards social change.


Therefore, the 4th edition of the night without borders will take place this year again during the Nuit blanche for Montreal en lumière on March 2nd 2013.


7 :00 à 9 :00 Surviving  Progress

9 :00 à 11 :00 Life and Debt

11 :00 à 1 :00 Garbage Warrior

1 :00 à 3 :00 Want to help someone? Shut up and listen!


Belgo space 127

372 Saint-Catherine O

Montreal, Quebec

(metro Place des arts)


1st screening: Surviving  Progress – brought to you by McGill EWB Chapter  (7:00 to 9:00)



Directed by Mathieu Roy and Harold Crooks, « Surviving Progress » is a documentary inspired by the acclaimed novel A Short History of Progress by Donald Wright. It consists in the analysis of humanity’s progress seen through the eyes of David Suzuki, Jane Goodall, Margaret Atwood and Stephen Hawking. Their new perspective brings to our attention the price we pay for our quickly evolving world and calls for precaution and thoughtful decision making for a better future.

Movie website :


About McGill EWB Chapter

The McGill chapter of Engineers Without Borders is one of 29 University EWB chapters across Canada. It was founded in the Winter of 2001 with a handful of members and hosted the first ever EWB National Conference in January 2002. Since then, EWB McGill has sent many students overseas through its Junior Fellowship in International Development Program. There are many exciting initiatives that we are pursuing, such as promoting fair trade, advocating for improved Canadian policies, and introducing global engineering concepts into the curriculum.

Each year, the chapter increases in size and is thus able to have a greater impact on the causes it promotes. Innovative ideas and new projects are explored every year!




2nd screening: Life and Debt –brought to you by Polytechnique Montreal EWB Chapter


« Life and Debt » (2001), a documentary directed by Stephanie Black, presents Jamaica’s critical economic situation. Starting back in 1962 with the country’s victory for its independence, Black tells us through collected testimonies about Jamaica being thrown too suddenly into globalization by the world finance institutions, and therefore accumulating an impossible-to-repay debt as a result of the unfair markets.

Movie website :

About Polytechnique Montreal EWB’s chapter

Since 2002, EWB members at Polytechnique are committed to promoting EWB’s values in their community of engineering students. In particular, the chapter’s focus in the last three years has been promoting Global Engineering, a more complete vision of an engineer’s work that involves, undeniably, a lot more than a uniquely technical task.

Website for EWB Polytechnique Chapter:



3rd screening : Garbage Warrior- brought to you by Concordia EWB Chapter

“Garbage Warrior” follows Michael Reynolds’ footsteps towards what he calls the “earthship”. Reynolds is indeed the architect of low-cost eco-friendly houses that are self-sufficient and built in most part with recycled materials. The last 30 years of Reynolds’ life have been about bringing together the members of a community that believe in this new way of life, in New Mexico (USA), and the movie brings us on his journey of many struggles.

Site du film :

About Concordia EWB Chapter

EWB Concordia was founded in 2008, five years ago. The chapter has worked on various themes but has been focusing on Global Engineering since 2011. The chapter has built a good relationship with Concordia’s Centre for Engineering in Society and organizes GE Week, held in March.

WebSite for Concordia EWB Chapter:



4th screening:Want to help someone? Shut up and listen!–brought to you by the professional Chapter of Montreal

Enrnesto Sirolli made his debute as a volunteer in Africa in the 1970s. After many years on the field, he came to the realization that most volunteers identified a problem, worked on developing a solution and then failed to implement it. What brought on such systematic failure? A big issue in the world of international cooperation is the lack of listening.

About Montreal Pro-Chapter

The Montreal Professional Chapter was created in 2005. Since then, it focused on promoting and raising the awareness of Montrealers to human development issues through activities on themes such as International Development, Fair Trade and Global Engineering. Today, the Chapter is focusing on creating changes in the engineering profession and industry that can have a positive impact on global society.